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River Valley District

Adult Development and Aging

For questions about Medicare Part D click HERE!


Are you on Medicare and struggling to pay your bills?  Find out if you might qualify for Extra Help to pay a lower premium for your Medicare Part D prescription plan and lower co-payments at the pharmacy.  You might even qualify to get your Medicare Part B premium paid resulting in a higher Social Security check.  Contact a Senior Health Insurance Counselor, SHICK, near you for these free services. 

Republic County:  Contact Judy Uphoff at (785) 527-0118 or the Belleville RVED Office at (785) 527-5084

Clay County:  Contact Deanna at the Clay Center RVED Office at (785) 632-5335

Cloud County:  Contact the Concordia RVED Office at (785) 243-8185

Washington County:  Contact the Washington RVED Office at (785) 325-2121

SHICK Counselor and RVED FCS Agent, Deanna Turner, is available for appointments in any of the offices upon request.





2017 - Deanna resized

Deanna Turner

District Extension Agent
Adult Development & Aging
Clay Center Office
(785) 632-5335


with Deanna Turner, RVED Agent

Appointment Dates will be posted in September!

BELLEVILLE: (785)527-5084

CLAY CENTER:(785)632-5335


WASHINGTON:(785) 325-2121