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Adult Development and Aging


For questions about Medicare Part D & Appointment Information click HERE! 

Click here to print a Medicare Worksheet

Are you new to Medicare?  We can help you get signed up.  
Are you on Medicare and struggling to pay your bills?  Find out if you might qualify for Extra Help to pay a lower premium for your Medicare Part D prescription plan and lower co-payments at the pharmacy.  You might even qualify to get your Medicare Part B premium paid resulting in a higher Social Security check.  Contact a Senior Health Insurance Counselor, SHICK, near you for these free services. 

Republic County:  Contact the Belleville RVED Office at (785) 527-5084

Clay County:  Contact the Clay Center RVED Office at (785) 632-5335

Cloud County:  Contact the Concordia RVED Office at (785) 243-8185

Washington County:  Contact the Washington RVED Office at (785) 325-2121

SHICK Counselors and RVED FCS Agents, will be available for appointments in any of the offices upon request.







Jordan Schuette photo

Jordan Schuette

District Extension Agent
Adult Development & Aging

Washington Office
214 C Street
Washington, KS  66968-1928

(785) 325-2121