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River Valley District

Making a difference in your life

In north central Kansas, we cover Clay, Cloud, Republic and Washington Counties. The Republican River runs through the heart of the district affecting the nature of many of our agricultural practices. The Little Blue River runs through the eastern part of the District, and the Solomon River just clips the southwest corner.

Our programs include: 4-H & Youth Development, Crops, Livestock, Adult Development & Aging, Foods, Nutrition & Health, Home & Family, Community Development and Lawn & Garden area.

Click the link below to hear the  RIVER VALLEY SCOOP Radio Agent Program on KNCK Radio  ("Click on the River Valley Scoop to listen)

K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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Good morning.

As most of you know, we have been working towards a Maker Space/Fabrication Lab in Cloud County through the Strategic Doing process with the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.

We are conducting a survey to gauge interest and to help us determine the types of equipment and services to include in the space.

Please help us by completing the survey and by sharing on your Facebook pages, websites, and by email to family and friends that might have that idea or that small or home-based business that they would like to grow.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for helping us get the word out.

Simply copy the message below the line, add your signature and share away.


John Forshee, Director
River Valley Extension District
Clay Center Office
322 Grant Avenue
Clay Center, KS 67432
785-632-5335 (phone)
785-632-2868 (fax)
785-447-1291 (cell)


 The idea of  Maker Space or Fabrication Lab grew out of the Cloud County Strategic Doing process through the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.

A Maker Space or Fab Lab is a public workshop space that provides individuals and businesses with access to fabrication and creative tools. Members of the lab space pool their resources to create a shared workspace that draws from and fits the community’s needs. The lab is where innovators, inventors, small and home-based business, and others can develop, test, and grow ideas without a huge investment in equipment. 


A team has been working for the past several months in building the foundation to make this project happen in Cloud County and now we need YOUR help!

As we have studied Maker Spaces and FabLabs we have found that they vary greatly based upon the local interest and so that is where YOU come in.

Please follow the link below to take our Maker Space/FabLab survey via Survey Monkey and tell us the types of things that interest you as an inventor, innovator, or small business trying to grow.

This survey will help us set our priorities for equipment and services as we look to set up a local lab within the coming months.

Please also help us by sharing this email with anyone in the Cloud County and surrounding area that might have an interest in using the Maker Space/Fabrication Lab.

 Cloud County Strategic Doing Maker Space/Fabrication Lab Survey:


 The Survey will be available through March 18.

 Thanks so much for your help.



River Valley Staff Retreat – Health of Mind and Body!

The River Valley District staff participated in a staff retreat on Wednesday, February 21 at Life’s Finer Moments in Clay Center.

The focus of the retreat was health of mind and body.

Shanna Legleiter from K-State Human Capital Services walked the staff through a variety of activities centered around the results of our Strengths Finder assessment. Understanding our own strengths and those of our coworkers allows us to capitalize on what we all do best as we work to serve our clientele in the River Valley District.

Our nutrition staff of Gina Aurand, Kaitlin Moore, and Sonia Cooper modeled examples of healthy snacks and meals for the day while Deanna Turner worked us through Stay Strong Stay Healthy exercises that staff can use during daily exercise breaks.

It was a great day for us!

We do apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experience while our offices were closed for this retreat.

John Forshee
District Director

 2018 - Staff Retreat Photo

 UPCOMING FARM BILL MEETINGS (click HERE for the brochure). . .

2018 Farm Bill Meetings



















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