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Master Farmer/Master Farm Homemaker

CONGRATULATIONS to our Kansas Master Farmer, Master Homemaker from the River Valley District:

Richard and Denise Swenson – Cloud County

Richard and Denise Swenson operate a combined crop operation and Hereford herd north of Concordia. They also have recently purchased two meat processing facilities and created Swenson Meat Processing.

The couple say that rotating crops and livestock has improved their land’s overall health and created multiple marketing avenues. In addition to selling commodity crops, their beef is sold through stories in Concordia and Salina. They market grass-finished and grain-finished beef to meet their customer’s varying preferences.

Richard is a long-time member of the American Hereford Association, Kansas Hereford Association and Kansas Farm Bureau. He tested and championed his stock by participating in regional bull tests and exhibiting at the Kansas State Fair.

Denise is a program manager for the Cloud County 4-H program. She has been closely involved with the Kansas Hereford Women’s group and Concordia Lutheran Church. She is also a member of the Concordia Public Schools Council, and volunteers her time judging 4-H events.

They have also hosted the World Hereford Tour with visitors from 11 countries. Among their honors, they have won awards for Kansas Hereford Breeder of the Year, and Golden Breeder Award (American Hereford Association); and have been recognized as a Farm Bureau Century Farm.

They have three sons: Ryan, Kevin and Benjamin.