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River Valley District

Agriculture and Natural Resources 

River Valley has over 1 million acres harvested each year.  The land is highly diversified.  We grow wheat, grain sorghum, soybeans, corn, grass hay, alfalfa and sunflowers.  Our local crop production accounts for $1.7 million.  Our office provides information on soil testing and analysis, variety selection, demonstration plots, irrigation issues, and cropping systems.  

Agronomy & Crop Production       Ag Marketing & Economics       Ag Finance, Tax, & Asset Protection

Weed, Insect, & Disease Management       Crop Insurance & USDA Programs       Farm Transition Planning

Meteorology & Weather       4-H       Conservation & Natural Resources


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Luke Byers

District Extension Agent
Agriculture & Natural Resources

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NC KS Fall Field Day

August 17 (Scandia)


NC KS Farm Transition Tour

August 22 (Clyde)

August 23 (Delphos)
August 24 (Beloit)

August 25 (Phillipsburg)

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